Robbie Ransom

London, UK

With a debut album presently being mastered at Abbey Road and due for release in spring 2017 to be supported by a UK-wide tour,  the future is suddenly looking very promising for Hammersmith-born singer-songwriter Robbie Ransom

Produced by Dan Swift (Snow Patrol,  Art Brut), recorded at Brighton Electric Studios, Robbie’s love of songs that tell tales of people and places, love and heartbreak manifest themselves in lyrics that have a ‘Dear diary’ quality to them. 

But despite being born and bred in London, Robbie’s sound is influenced almost exclusively by artists from the other side of the pond. Robbie said, “I’d spend my summer holidays each year in Wyoming and we’d spend hours driving amongst vast landscapes listening to the rock and folk artists of the 1960’s and ‘70's, such as Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Young,  Bob Dylan, The Band and the Doors. I fell in love with this music and it has influenced my own music much more than any British artists have – apart from Cat Stevens!” 

Robbie’s first E.P. title track and first single ‘Rocks In My Pocket’ released earlier this year tells the story of Robbie’s personal struggles with substance abuse, and how it destroyed his first serious relationship. Robbie says, “‘Rocks In My Pocket’ is about my determination to deal with my substance addiction in an attempt to win back my then girlfriend. I won my own battle but lost my girlfriend to another man.” 

Other songs on the E.P. include ‘Man Alone’, in which Robbie explores the sense of trying to belong and the acceptance that one day, everything ends. Robbie said, “It’s not a sad song at all, but more a celebration of life.” 

The track ‘I Am Thunder’ is an overview of the father/son relationship, but from the paternal perspective. Robbie said, “There was a point in time where our relationship was hanging by a thread because I’d really let him down. My father is my hero and has a heart of gold, but my past actions would bring out his thunderous side - but no matter what I put him through he will always be my father and I will always be his boy.” 

The E.P’s final track, ‘Symbol Of The Night’, is about the fox’s solitary struggle for survival and his right to exist. Robbie said, “I did a year at Nottingham Uni and a fox lived outside my window. He would "sneak in an outta of my (window) frame". At the time there was a lot in the press about fox hunting and culling and I was very much against it. When I felt sad, the sight of him roaming the night, "bringing the dark to night", always cheered me up. At the time he was "the light of my life". 

Join Robbie Ransom in his home town on Thursday 9th February at one of South London’s most iconic venues - The Half Moon, Putney which promises to be an unforgettable night.


Photographer: Jason Joyce

Rugged Management